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Awareness of the sources of pollution is key to understanding how best to manage risk. Without Chubb by your side, your clients could be exposed financially, socially and reputationally. Here’s a simple breakdown of where the dangers exist.

Chain Of Events Required To Result In A Pollution Incident

- A Source is the ‘cause’ of contamination – it may relate to an activity undertaken as part of a client’s business

- A Pathway is the route the source takes to reach the receptor

- Receptor: If a source is to result in damage or injury or require regulatory enforced clean-up it must reach, or have the potential to reach, and impact on a receptor

Where all three elements of the pollutant linkage are present an environmental risk may exist. The consequence may have substantial implications on a client's business, not only financially but also in terms of the potential social and reputational damage.

Chubb can protect clients from the impact of these consequences.