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Cyber security risks are uniquely challenging for small- to medium-size businesses, due to a combination of the frequency with which these threats manifest into bona fide cyber security incidents, the severe business disruption and financial impact, and limited resources to respond and recover in the event of an attack.

A report coauthored by Chubb, Symantec and CoverHound outlines a few simple measures that companies can use to create their own cyber risk management program and limit their exposure.

The report answers the following questions:

  • What is the domino effect?
  • Why are SMEs targeted?
  • How do cyber criminals gain entry?
  • How can SMEs protect themselves from cyber attacks?
  • Why is cyber security essential to SME survival?

What All Cyber Criminals Know

Small & Midsize Businesses with Little or No Cybersecurity Are Ideal Targets

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