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Mobile phones have become a vital part of our lives. Its advance functionalities and features bring many conveniences, such as ease in managing daily schedules, staying in touch with friends and family, and storing memories in digital forms of videos and photographs.

But what happens when that mobile phone slips from your hand, gets damaged and becomes unusable?

This is the reason why insuring your mobile phone is the right choice to make.

Chubb’s Gadget Insurance covers repairs and device replacement of the insured mobile phone if it is accidentally damaged due to accidents out of your control.   

Coverage Highlights

a close up of a sign with Boston College in the background Covers damage of mobile phone due to accidents, such as liquid damage or slipped and the screen cracks.
icon Insures new and used mobile phones that is not older than 36 months from the date it was bought as a brand-new device.
icon Fuss-free online purchase and premium payment via our partner’s payment gateway.
icon A network of certified repair vendors, ensuring any repairs conducted is of the highest standard and will not infringe the manufacturer’s warranty eligibility.

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