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You work hard for your family's needs. But as we all know, nothing is certain in life. There's no guarantee someone's health level will stay the same in the future. To address this uncertainty, we will help you make a careful planning for the best protection for you and your family's future.

Coverage Highlights

Assurance for the future

Family Saver is a term life insurance, which give an insurance protection guarantee to the insured in a certain period. If there's a claim, then the company will pay some amount of sum insured to the beneficiaries. If there's no claim, then the company will return all premium paid to the policyholder.

Product Feature

  • Family Saver will return all premiums collected if there’s no claim for 15 years and will continue to provide additional protection up to 10 years. The total range of protection will reach 25 years
  • Family Saver provides 200% of the sum assured in case there is a risk of death due to accident 

Product Provision

  • Premiums are paid at the same rate for the first 8 years. This means there is no increase in premium even though the age of insured increases.
  • Family Saver provides protection range up to 25 years
  • Survival benefit: If there is no claim, then all premium collected will be returned to the policyholder at the end of the 15th year
  • Death benefit:
    • For death (in the period of protection) the company will pay 100% sum assured*
    • For death because of accident (in the period of protection) the company will pay 200% sum assured*
  • Entry age:
    • Minimum 6 years
    • Maximum 55 years

*) terms and conditions are applied as written in the policy

Premium Table

Entry Age 

Annual Premium per 1 unit** 


IDR 1,200,000 


IDR 2,400,000 


IDR 3,600,000 


IDR 4,800,000

**) 1 unit = Sum Assured IDR 50.000.000

Information presented is not intended to be binding. Please always refer to terms and conditions in the policy.

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