Partners of Chubb in Indonesia

The commitment of our partners and agents for Chubb’s success is undeniable. As one of the world’s top and strongest insurance firms, we offer various capabilities of products and services through various distribution channels to ensure your business needs are well served.

Independent Distribution Partners

Chubb's commitment to equip Independent Distribution Partners with products, services, competitive premiums and training helps them achieve success.

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Broker Partners

Exceptional underwriting skills, account management, product diversity, technology as well as top customer service and claims to support our collaboration with insurance Brokers.

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Direct Marketing Partners

Our experience in telemarketing, customer analysis and service delivery ensure a mutually beneficial collaboration with business partners.

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Financing Company Partners

Find out more about the list of finance companies partnering with us.

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Consumer Brand Partners

Chubb has a proven track record of maximising ancillary revenue for more than 120 business partners across Asia Pacific.

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Chubb Data Analytics
Chubb's Data Analytics Capabilities in motion

Chubb's Data Analytics uses cutting-edge technologies to develop and deploy analytics solutions to turn your data into effective marketing strategies. Partner with Chubb and benefit from our data analytics capabilities.