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This is not the Way to Protect Your Life


This is not the Way to Protect Your Life

Do we need bodyguards to protect us every day?
Is protection from bodyguards enough?

It’s inevitable that everyone needs protection, whether from life risks, illness, or even from criminals.

For high-ranking public figures or celebrities, bodyguards might be the solution for security and privacy. They perform almost the highest levels of security procedures.

But do we also need bodyguards?

Aside from their high cost, normal people won’t need that level of protection on a daily basis. Can a bodyguard protect us from life risks, or illness? Or pay your hospital bills?

Most likely not.

What you probably need is a real “bodyguard” to have your life protected, and this is what Chubb Life can offer!

With our wide range of products, we can accommodate all your needs and provide the right solution for you and your family.

We don’t just make you insured, but we will give you a peace of mind by having your future prepared.


Asuransi Flexi Link - Future Protection Series

Asuransi Flexi Link - Future Protection Series for every precious moment of yours.

Hospitalisation & Surgery Rider

Enjoy the best feature of Hospitalisation & Surgery Rider - as charged and cashless - for hospital bills reimbursment process

About Chubb Life in Indonesia

Chubb Life is the international life insurance division of Chubb. In Asia, Chubb Life operates in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and participates a joint-venture in China. Chubb Life has been in Indonesia since 2009. To meet the financial protection and security needs of its broad range of customers, Chubb Life in Indonesia (PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia) offers a range of protection, savings and investment link insurance solutions through agents, financial advisors, retailers, brokers, banks, digital networks, direct marketing and telemarketing operations.

Customer Service

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