Customer Service for Chubb

Information on Complaint Handling Service and Procedure

First Level – Complaint Handling Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with our product and services and wish to lodge a complaint, please contact:

  1. Customer Care Hotline. You can contact our call center hotline that operates 24 hours in hotline number 1500 257; or
  2. E-mail. You may send email to

Please give us your data, policy no. and other information which related to the complaint.

Chubb Complaint Handling Unit will receive and follow up to related department in 1x24 hours. We will review your complaint correctly and objectively. Further, we will settle your complaint in a period of 20 working days after receiving the complaint.

If we are unable to settle the complaint within 20 working days, we will inform you in written letter regarding the reason of our inability to settle the complaint in timely manner.

Second Level - Complaint Handling Procedure

If you are still dissatisfied with the 1st level complaint handling procedure, then you may request to re-review the complaint in 2nd level complaint handling procedure. We will re-review and investigate the complaint in correctly and objectively and provide our final decision to you.

In case you are still dissatisfied with our settlement in 1st and 2nd level of complaint handling procedure and want to request the settlement with third party involvement, you may contact one of the following institutions: Badan Mediasi Asuransi Indonesia (BMAI), the Court, or Arbitration board.