Report a Claim

Making a Group Medical Insurance Claim

We understand that every claim made is the result of an unfortunate event, some very traumatic and life changing.

Chubb is always there to support and assist our customers, responding to their needs and not just the claim event.

Report Your Claim

If you are a Chubb Group Medical Insurance policyholder and you have a question or in need of a fast solution, you will be happy to know that we provide multiple accesses for you to reach our team. Feel free to contact us through:

  • our 24-hours customer care hotline at 1500 257
  • our 24-hours AdMedika helpline +62 (21) 2964 7545
  • our medical insurance team helpline +62 (21) 6230 9433

Available Monday to Friday, 08.30 to 17.30 (UTC+07:00)