Claims Differences

Auto Claims Difference

When a claim affects your vehicle, we understand that it is not just money that is at stake. Rest assured though, we take a creative and flexible approach backed by superior attention to detail and a desire to bring swift resolution should a loss occur. Through every stage of the claims process, you can expect us to demonstrate the strengths that have always been the cornerstone of Chubb's claims service: honesty, integrity and fairness.

Responsive, fair and efficient

What makes Chubb’s Auto Insurance claims process different?

  • Digital Claims Management that allows you to register and track the progress of your claim at a time that is convenient to you via the Chubb Mobile Assistance app.
  • Timely Assignment and Investigation, meaning that your claim is promptly assigned to a claim professional within Chubb who will review the policy, investigate the claim and contact you to determine an appropriate claim handling approach. A claim survey will be performed within 24-hours upon receipt of claims notification.
  • Highly-Trained Claims Team seasoned to provide responsive service and technical expertise on a broad range of elements that can become crucial for an auto insurance claim.
  • Broad Network of Workshops spread in more than 24 cities in Indonesia, to offer the experience that you deserve when it comes to auto-related services and claims.

 Chubb has also partnered with several workshops categorized as Chubb Preferred Repairer (CPR), where you can enjoy value-added services such as:

    • Immediate survey of vehicle (in the CPR’s workshop);
    • Pick-up and delivery services;
    • Prioritized claims and repairs, resulting in faster work completion;
    • Faster work order issuance; and
    • 6-months to 1-year guaranteed repair, ensuring work quality.
  • Responsive, Fair and Efficient Claims Resolution as we stake our reputation on our ability to work with our customers in all aspects of the claims process.

Contact us:

  • The Contact Us menu in our Chubb Mobile Assistance smartphone app
  • Chubb’s 24-hours customer care hotline 1500 257
  • Chubb’s branch offices
  • CPR workshops