The business environment is constantly evolving, and so are its risks. That’s why, no matter the size and type of your business, we have the products and solutions to manage all of it.

Accident & Health

Chubb's insurance products and services for your employees againts risks of accidents, health and risks during business trips.


Products and Services for Casualty from Chubb, Innovative and flexible products to mitigate business casualty risks.


Products and services for the Construction sector from Chubb, broad range of innovative risk management solutions that can be tailored to different needs.


Data breaches, electronic thefts, denial of service attacks and even simple employee errors make mitigating cyber risk an issue for every organisation.


Products and services for the Energy sector from Chubb, broad spectrum of risk management solutions for every unique sector in the industry.

Financial Lines

Products and services for Financial Lines from Chubb, risk management solutions for multiple liabilities in the finance industry.


Products and Services for Marine from Chubb, expertise in delivering customisable liability solutions for a variety of marine risks.


Products and services for the Property sector from Chubb, comprehensive solutions and financial stability to manage a variety of risks and liabilities.

Large and Multinational Businesses

Products and services for Large and Multinational businesses from Chubb for the complex needs of big businesses.

Small and Medium Businesses

Different business size means different types and magnitudes of risks faced. Whether it's a small-size local business or a large-scale multinational corporation, our insurance products can be designed to meet your business needs.

Commercial Insurance by Solutions

We know that innovative products go hand-in-hand with superior service. At Chubb, we offer a range of value-added services and customised solutions for that added advantage to meet various needs.