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Needs and considerations

Chubb works with a network of professional insurance brokers who have cultivated strong relationships with high net worth clients. In providing premium home and contents insurance, we see how the top insurance brokers are winning new business in this segment.

Successful individuals have worked hard to get to where they are. Their lifestyle and wealth is important to them, as is the advice they receive, which is why they can often be difficult to gain as clients.

If you are wanting to break into the High Net Worth clientele, you need to be strategic in attracting these discerning individuals.

Here are some useful suggestions that will help to get on their radar and hopefully to become your client.

  • Create centres of influence
  • build a strong network by identifying the key professions that high net worth individuals regularly access. For example; wealth management, financial planning, private banking, real estate, fine art galleries and jewellers. Interact with and establish a strong group of key professional contacts within these sectors to enable you to obtain effective leads for potential clients. Centres of influence can be one of the most effective ways to grow a business, as they allow you to engage with partners that are the right fit for you and your customers. You also need to spend time actively fostering credibility and trust within your network.
  • Identify the industries that are expected to see a drive in HNW wealth growth
  • including financial services, high-tech, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and construction. These can be added to your centre of influence, creating new connections to successful people requiring your services and knowledge.
  • Create excellent broker marketing collateral
  • discerning customers demand quality and so good marketing material is a great investment to highlight your expertise, credibility and stature. Collateral that is expertly produced and skilfully written will effectively present your unique abilities and highlight the reasons why a client should engage your services. Being professional across all communication channels will engender trust with the client’s brand.
  • Increased digital presence
  • this is an effective way to improve efficiency and allow more meaningful interactions with clients, particularly affluent ones. It helps to boost exposure, drive engagement and win leads. Click here to view some useful insights into the consumer journey and how you can best interact with them at every stage.
  • Increased client education
  • keeping clients updated with industry information and products that will help and benefit them is vital. Just be careful how you go about it – don’t bombard them with unwanted material or bury them in jargon and too much detail, but provide tailored and bespoke knowledge that will directly advance their protection and wealth.
  • Providing clients access to a network of approved professionals beyond the insurance field
  • in the time poor world we live in, providing clients with a service that goes above and beyond just insurance is a great way to attract, engage and keep clients. Create a portfolio of contacts which include, for example, valuation firms, home security and lifestyle services such as concierge. This will position you as an invaluable connection for them beyond just insurance.

Create a well-planned strategy to attract the successful individuals you want to target by considering and incorporating the above. It is not easy to gain new affluent clients, but if you're willing to invest the time and effort required to attract them to your services, you will reap healthy long-term rewards.

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