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How to offer a cargo insurance quote and cover for a shipment within minutes

CargoAdvantage® is Chubb’s award-winning web-based marine insurance quoting and certificate issuing system.

Designed for the transport and shipping industry, CargoAdvantage received the "Asia-Pacific Insurance Innovation Award" at the inaugural Asia-Pacific Risk Management Awards in May 2017.

Marine insurance quote and bind
CargoAdvantage allows freight forwarders and other transport operators to protect their liability by offering a cargo insurance quote and cover for a customer’s shipment within minutes.

Certificate issuance
For companies engaged in international trade, a certificate of insurance is an essential document. To assist in the production of these certificates, Chubb has electronic certificates of insurance available on the spot via the CargoAdvantage system.

All that is required to produce these documents is Internet access, a User ID and a password, all provided by the local Chubb Office.


This user-friendly system has multiple benefits for insured clients, including:

  • Certificates issued on the spot to support transportation and trade documentation
  • The system is accessible anywhere, anytime via computer with Internet access
  • The certificates are automatically archived and can easily be referenced in the event of a claim
  • Streamlined operations process of automated monthly invoicing and billing
  • CargoAdvantage also provides logistics companies with access to Incoterms® 2010, a glossary of common Marine terms and claims forms for ease of reference and convenience
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A Few Minutes is All it Takes

Seamless policy issurance - that's the foundation of Chubb's CargoAdvantage. Less friction in goods movements makes for greater convenience and efficiency for transport operators.

Award-winning platform

StrategicRISK - Asia Pacific Insurance Innovation Award

CargoAdvantage has clinched the "Asia Pacific Insurance Innovation Award" at the 2017 StrategicRISK Asia Pacific Risk Management Awards. The award recognises insurers that can demonstrate that they have developed an innovative risk and/or insurance product, solution or initiative that has significantly benefited one or more of their Asia-Pacific clients. The awards were independently and rigorously judged by a panel of risk experts from across the region.

CargoAdvantage is a reliable web-based platform that has helped transport and shipping companies in the Asia Pacific region reduce their business risks. Chubb is forging closer relationships with the transport and shipping communities to support and add value to them with products as well as risk management and e-commerce solutions. This award is testament to our efforts in developing a ground-breaking solution to benefit our clients in the region

Satisfied users

Easy access to the system and immediate issuance of policy to client without need to seek approval.
ABC Protection Agency

It is a very user-friendly system. With this system, it eliminates those hassles on following up for the policy, waiting for policy draft, policy lost during transit, etc.
IMX Services

1. Convenient on-the-spot certificate issuance 2. Simple and user-friendly interface 3. Suggested rates are useful and loading/discount feature provides flexibility 4. Provides option for cancellation / endorsement at front-end
TZ Risk Consultant Sdn Bhd

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