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More savings mean better opportunities to realise your life goals. Our insurance savings plans can help you build your wealth while giving you comprehensive protection. That way, you’ll have the money to live the life you want.

Easy Premium Saver

Paying premiums while earning interest has never been simpler. Easy Premium Saver enables you to pay a single lump sum that earns interest to fund other Chubb Life insurance policy premiums or meet financial needs as they may arise.

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Chubb Platinum Plus Insurance Plan®

Now with the new feature of changing the insured unlimited times up to the age of 120 of the new insured, you can pass on the wealth built and sustained in this plan to future generations of your family with greater ease, while ensuring your loved ones are protected.

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Golden Touch Premier Saver

A plan to realize your various savings goals.

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Forever Diamond Plan

A long-term savings plan for wealth accumulation and life protection, ensuring a stable income to help you satisfy your needs at different life stages.

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Forever Diamond Plus

A savings plan offering guaranteed cash coupons and life protection for a 5-year premium payment term.

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Flexi Savings

A whole life protection plan offering different premium payment period options and strong saving elements.

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Golden Touch Mega Saver Plan

A flexible plan that allows you to make additional contributions on top of basic premium, helping you to accumulate wealth and reach your financial goals.

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Golden Touch ULife Plan II

A flexible plan to fulfill your protection and wealth accumulation needs.

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Renminbi Endowment Plan

Protect and Accumulate Your Wealth

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