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Getting My First Job

Getting a job is a huge step towards financial and social independence. As your mobility increases, so will your need for injury protection and affordable investments for a more secure future. At Chubb, we have both, so you can make your working years a rewarding experience.

Custom Whole Life

A plan offers different combination of life protection and savings options. The control and flexibility of Custom Whole Life lets you personalize a total financial solution for building your prosperous life.

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Flexi Savings

A whole life protection plan offering different premium payment period options and strong saving elements.

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Golden Touch Premier Saver

A Plan to Realize Your Various Savings Goals

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Golden Touch ULife Plan II

A flexible plan to fulfill your protection and wealth accumulation needs

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Lady's Partner Plan

A rider specially designed for women providing comprehensive coverage for female-related diseases and reconstructive surgery.

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A whole life participating plan tailored to your savings and protection needs.

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Lifetime Protector

A whole life insurance plan offering lifelong protection at affordable premiums.

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Multi-Select Term

A renewable and convertible form of term insurance plan, providing life protection with multiple plan terms at affordable premiums.

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Select Top-Up Medical Plan

A stand-alone plan or a rider that provides comprehensive coverage for hospital and surgical fees, with 4 plans available for selection.

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Super Care Critical Illness Protector

Standalone Critical Illness plan provides the comprehensive coverage up to 82 specific illnesses (including 65 Major Illnesses and 17 Early Stage and Special Illnesses).

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Leisure Travel Insurance in HongKong

Flight delays, stolen passports, sudden illnesses or injuries. Travelling is more enjoyable when you’re insured against the unexpected.

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