Chubb Customer Services

Chubb Life Customer Service

How to make a claim

We offer multiple ways for you to submit your claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions related to claims and our insurance products.

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How to Pay

For your convenience, we offer multiple payment methods.

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Register to receive your e-statement via e-mail.

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Form Library

Download customer service related forms.

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Exchange Rate

Get the most up-to-date exchange rates for Renminbi and U.S. Dollar against Hong Kong dollar.

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Regulatory Disclosure – Dividend/Bonus

Dividend/Bonus Philosophy, Investment Philosophy, Policy and Strategy, and Historical Fulfillment Ratios.

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Regulatory Disclosure – Crediting Interest

Crediting Interest Rate Philosophy, Investment Philosophy, Policy and Strategy, and Historical Crediting Interest Rates.

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Policy Terminology Mapping Table

New terminologies applicable to your policy(ies) under new regulatory requirements.

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Covered Hospitals in Mainland China

Find a hospital that is suitable for your needs.

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