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A comprehensive training curriculum has been well designed to support your career development and prepare for your success.

New Agent Development Programs
A wide range of professional programs from licensing examination preparation and regulatory trainings to marketing and promotion skills workshops / seminars. These programs are tailor made for young and fresh graduate to become a professional insurance consultants / financial planners.

Experienced Agent Development Programs
Enhancement and improvement are the major focuses for experienced agents. A series of training programs are offering in this stream with focuses on different aspects such as knowledge refreshment, skill uplifting, core financial planning skills, personal breakthrough. These programs cover insurance and financial planning knowledge as well as personal development.

Financial Planner Development Programs
Financial Planning Programs are to prepare the experienced agents to be qualified when proposing financial solution. The programs are designed for bridging Certified Financial Planner (CPF). It is a highly technical and advanced program.

Manager Development Programs
Effective leadership skills form the key for a successful agency. The Manager Development Programs have adopt a very well-known management approach namely Chartered Financial Field Leader with intensive support by insurance professionals from both outsourced and in-house trainers.