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Get an overview of the development of the insurance industry and how Chubb Life will support you in reaching your career goal.

Why Insurance?

An industry with substantial growth potential
When considering a career change and a move to the insurance industry, the most popular question is: What are the career prospects? According to data released by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance,  the Hong Kong insurance. market is booming with increasing demands of insurance.

Office Premiums of Individual Life Business



Source: Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is not affiliated in any way with Chubb Life Hong Kong).



Industry Privilege

Financial planning career offers a number of advantages over other industry:

  • Meaningful career
  • Solid and fair career path
  • Unlimited income, attractive package
  • Self-directed career
  • Zero capital startup

It is a social trend

The need for financial planning services
As the general public tends to be concerned about how their assets can best be accumulated, managed and grown, there is a need for financial planning services.

The increasing awareness of retirement planning
As the MPF may be insufficient to support retirement living, more and more people are setting up retirement funds to complement this retirement nest egg and ensure their existing standard of living can be maintained after retirement.

The upcoming medical policy that will require the public to be responsible for their own health
With escalating healthcare costs and the possibilities of the government reducing the subsidies for public healthcare, suitable individual medical protection plans will need to be offered to meet market needs.

Why Chubb Life Hong Kong?

Chubb Life Hong Kong is a people-oriented insurance company. There are a lot of opportunities which frontline and management to communicate and exchange ideas so that we all work towards the same goal.

Your future is in your own hands
At Chubb Life Hong Kong, you are free to follow your own career path.

We point the way to success
We believe that employing quality people is the key to providing quality service to our customers. As such, the training and development of insurance professionals has always been our main focus. Whether you strive to be an Executive Business Director or an Executive Agency Director, we are committed to supporting you in reaching your goal by providing continuous training programs.