Chubb YOLO RUN HK 2017

Chubb YOLO Run Hong Kong 2017


Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited (‘Chubb’) is pleased to be the title sponsor for the inaugural YOLO Run HK 2017 – “You Only Live Once” (YOLO). The essence of the YOLO spirit is that one should enjoy life, even if it entails taking risks, as if there would not be another chance for it.

The YOLO Spirit is in every one of us – do you dare to take on the risks?

Hong Kong – the most densely populated city in the world with 7.4 million people. Within this vibrant multi-cultural city, Hong Kongers are doing their best to follow their dreams – traveling around the world, starting a new family, opening a dream shop or returning to the university to get a degree. 

The essence of the YOLO spirit is that one should enjoy life, even if it entails risks. Whatever risks individuals take, Chubb is there to take on the risks so you can be free to pursue your YOLO dream.  We interviewed six seemingly ordinary citizens with extraordinary tales which capture YOLO spirit. We hope their stories provide inspiration for you to live life to the fullest.

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Gretal Lo - Run and challenge yourself!

At Chubb, we are defined by superior underwriting, service and execution. Being a marathon runner for more than 10 years, Gretal Lo plans to further expand her talent to become a guide runner for the visually impaired. Chubb support every employees and is proud to sponsor employees in participating any charity events.

YoloRun_ChubbKOL_Wong Hoi Fai Thumbnail pic_noText
Wong Hoi Fai - Failure equals to success?

"There aren't many chances in life, you will never know whether you can suceed if you don't give it a try.' said Wong Hoi Fai. As a professional marathon runner, not only he enjoys the challenge he faces when ran in different countries, he enjoys the teamwork and you will never run alone! At Chubb, we share our passion and take on the risks for others so they can free themselves to pursue their dream.

YoloRun_ChubbKOL_Joe Chan Thumbnail pic_noText
Joe Chan - YOLO spirit for the next generation

At Chubb, we developed learning and development programs for our employees. As a father, Joe Chan decided to bring along his four years old daughter to volunteer activities so she can learn from within, creating a memorable and meaningful adventure for the both of them. Chubb supports employees to bond and forge closer tiers with each other, and most importantly, giving back to the local communities via volunteerism.

YoloRun_ChubbKOL_Francis So Thumbnail pic_noText
Francis So - Hobby can be a professioanl career too?

“You have to go through many errors before you can suceed." said Francis So. He transformed his hobby of 'Time-lapse' recording into a professional career and is now an award winning photographer, traveler and timelapse artist. You have to keep the YOLO spirit running and we at Chubb support and provide protection for individuals to pursue their dreams.

YoloRun_ChubbKOL_Megan Thumbnail pic_noText
Megan Shao – Never be afraid to lose

At Chubb, we know that each employee has their own sense of adventure. Megan Shao is no different. She saw an opportunity and she seized it; knowing the full risks that came with her decision. Chubb supports each and every employee, respecting their skillsets and seeing how we can put it to good use.

YoloRun_ChubbKOL_Wong Yu Wing Thumbnail pic_noText
Wong Yu Wing – A safe career or dare to dream?

“Risk is inevitable. Hong Kong is a place full of opportunities; you will find to succeed no matter what!” said Wong Yu Wing. He has a secured highly paid career but one day, decided to change his life-style and pursued his dream as a farmer. The YOLO spirit triumphed and we at Chubb want small enterprise to thrive too through customized insurance plans which can protect the growing business.

At Chubb, we share the YOLO aspiration because we help mitigate risks so people can live life to the fullest and achieve your dreams.

After all, You Only Live Once!

We look forward to seeing you at the Chubb YOLO Run 2017*!

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See you at the Chubb YOLO Run 2017!
Date: 1 October 2017
Time: 8am - 12pm
Venue: Hong Kong Sciene Park
Race Categories: 5km and 10km