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In an increasingly uncertain world, travel can become stressful and expensive when things don’t go as planned.

Why is business travel insurance especially important now?

As borders across the globe reopen, the long-term impacts of a global pandemic have led to a number of factors driving up medical and travel costs. 

What is contributing to higher travel and medical costs?*


  • Airfares
    • Jet fuel prices have increased by 60% already in 2022, resulting in more expensive airfares.

  • Operational costs
    • Costs such as additional protective equipment and infection control have increased operational costs for the travel and medical industries.

  • Evacuation costs
    • More travellers are needing to be evacuated from their travel destinations due to facilities being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

  • Air Ambulance
    • Air ambulance costs have risen approx. 15-30% due to the requirement to carry a portable incubator and the need for additional landing permits.

  • Cancellation claims
    • Increased insurance claims for travel cancellation due to insureds contracting COVID-19 and not being able to continue with their travels.
  • Telehealth / mental health services
    • It is predicated that the number of covered travellers accessing telehealth physician/GP services will grow substantially by the end of 2022.

*Source: WTW 2022 Global Medical Trends Survey Report. Download full report

Your top COVID-19 related questions answered


Does Chubb Group Business Travel cover COVID-19 related medical expenses for an overseas business trip ?

Policy includes cover up to the amount shown on the Policy Schedule for medical costs if COVID-19 is contracted while travelling overseas. 

Does Chubb Group Business Travel cover COVID-19 related emergency medical evacuation and repatriation for an overseas business trip ?
Policy includes cover up to the amount shown on the Policy Schedule for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation costs if COVID-19 is contracted while travelling overseas.

Does a person need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to be covered?
No, this is not a condition of the policy. However, the Covered Person must abide by travel vaccination requirements set out by a country, territory, accommodation and transport providers etc.


Example of a COVID-19 Related Business Travel Claim

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