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At Chubb, we understand the complex, interconnected risks faced by businesses today and we have been providing globally coordinated, locally flexible insurance solutions for large, multinational and global organisations and their brokers for over three decades.

The Major Accounts Division at Chubb provides underwriting, risk engineering and claims services for the region’s large, multinational clients and business partners. We have extensive expertise in global underwriting, compliance and regulatory matters, risk assessment and mitigation, as well as claims handling. We provide dedicated support through our coordinated relationship management. We are committed to working collaboratively with our clients and their brokers to craft and deliver potent solutions through Chubb’s extensive global services and claims operations. 

Whole Account Underwriting

Our ‘whole account underwriting’ approach ensures that we take a holistic view when managing our clients’ risks. From traditional Property & Casualty and Accident & Health risks to emerging threats related to environmental concerns, cyber attacks, terrorism and political violence, the Major Accounts Division works in tandem with our clients and their brokers to help manage their insurance programs more efficiently and more cost effectively. 

Dedicated Team

Led by senior Chubb executives and staffed with experienced professionals, Chubb's Major Accounts Division brings best-in-class underwriting discipline, dedicated client and claims relationship management, risk engineering expertise, as well as the power of our unique global network to serve your needs. 

  1. Dedicated Underwriters 
    Underwriters who understand the complex insurance needs of large domestic or multinational companies will oversee each portfolio. 
  2. Global Client Executive
    Depending on the size and scale of your Chubb relationship and in accordance with your needs, we can also assign a Chubb Global Client Executive who has deep industry knowledge of the issues you face, to serve as your single point of contact throughout Chubb.
  3. Claims Client Relationship Managers
    Taking that one step further, we can offer Claims Client Relationship Managers to coordinate our claims services at home and abroad, supported by consistent protocols and processes globally, ensuring that when a claim occurs – wherever it occurs – we’ll manage it consistently and efficiently.  And we’ll resolve it promptly.
  4. Risk Engineers
    Seasoned Risk Engineers with deep technical know-how are available to provide pre and post-loss risk mitigation advice. With over 400 in-house risk engineering experts globally, with experience in a wide range of traditional and specialist sectors, you can be assured that assistance will be available every step of the way. 

Solutions, Wherever You May Be

We have extensive operations in 54 countries and territories, and a network that spans 200+ countries – all performing under exacting measured and published service standards. Combined with our product breadth and financial strength, this means we can help you manage risk anywhere in the world with confidence. In fact, the more complex your exposures, the more valuable our capabilities.

Our Global Services team ensures timely and consistent administration of your program. With leading-edge technology and our expansive network, we manage globally and execute locally. We adhere to demanding performance and delivery standards, so your Chubb experience will always be superior – and consistent – in terms of quality, accuracy and efficiency.

We Make It Easier For You

Chubb is not simply your insurer, we are your business partner. We seek to truly understand your business insurance needs, the risks you face now, and in the future, so that we can be alongside with you to take on these challenges.

For organizations that span geographies, risks are interconnected and magnified. Our goal is to make managing your insurance program as easy as possible, and we have structured the Major Accounts division accordingly. Our global, multidisciplinary network is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive support in all areas of your program, at all times. It’s a complete approach that spans borders, lines of business and service areas seamlessly. There’s nothing easy about managing a global insurance program. We just make it easier for you.


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