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Dry skin, frizzy hair and chapped lips are the nightmares of female travellers. They really do not help you to look good in your meetings and sales calls. Busy female travellers stay beautiful on-the-go with these tips.

  1. Pack an essential beauty kit comprising 8 must-haves -

    • Face masks – a skin saviour for dehydrated skin, get the ‘use and throw’ ones individually packed. An all-time favourite for female travellers. 
    • Lip balm – chapped lips are painful so if your destination is dry and or/cold, pack a rich lip balm to apply day and night.
    • Cleanser – Clean skin is the first step to beauty. Get a cleanser that effectively removes make-up too!
    • Moisturizer – A good, hydrating moisturizer chases away dehydrated skin, reducing lines and pumps up your glow.
    • Sunscreen – Avoid painful sunburns and spots by covering your skin with at least a SPF50 protection if you have to be outdoors for most of the day.
    • Anti-frizz hair spray – how many times has your hair misbehaved due to the change in your environment? Fix your crowning glory with an anti-frizz hair spray.
    • Breath freshener – Do not neglect your oral hygiene as a foul breath can certainly turn your business associates off. As you entertain often on your travels, it is always safer to have a breath freshener as you do not know the after-effect of some food.
    • Vitamin C – For the sake of your health and skin, pack along a vitamin C of at least 500 mg per capsule to avoid falling ill.
  2. Eat and drink the right stuff

    • Onboard the plane – avoid alcohol and coffee as they dry up your skin. Drink water instead.
    • During your travel – Eat moderately as you are likely to be entertaining. So, moderation is the key to avoid rich food loaded with fat and salt.

Eat and drink the right stuff - busy female travellers can stay beautiful on-the-go with these tips

3. Keep in shape

Piling on the kilos on your business travels is certainly not part of your business objectives. Avoid the weight gain by following these suggestions. (CJ, need to link this to the article on Keep in Shape.)

4. Sleep well

Getting enough rest on your business travels is difficult as you are likely to stay up late catching up with your emails! However, sleep well to avoid the dark circles around your eyes.

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