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Working at Chubb

Working at Chubb, you’ll be given the responsibility to make decisions and the autonomy to get things done. The programmes, processes and opportunities we offer enable everybody to thrive. Investing in people gives us our competitive advantage, now and into the future.

The abilities and knowledge of our people determines our success. We actively encourage personal development, supporting people to study for professional qualifications and helping them to gain new skills.

We value a learning culture. Whether you’re gaining experience in your daily work, collaborating with different people on alternative projects, or completing one of the many training courses, you’ll receive the opportunities and resources to support your personal development throughout your career.

What We Offer

You’ll have access to a number of bespoke Chubb courses. Held regularly, courses are monitored and and improved by the positive feedback from participants and their Managers.


You can improve your business skills with our one-day courses. Tailored to people at all levels, business training courses are perfect for improving professional skills at critical times, for example when you’re approaching an important presentation or negotiation.


Working with your line manager and experts in your team, you can identify the specific skills you need to improve. We offer a broad range of technical skills training to develop your ability and enhance your contribution to the business.


Whether you’ve been managing people for years or are coming to it for the first time, we haveve a full Management Curriculum to equip you. We offer a two-day New Manager Orientation course for beginners and longer programmes (which are certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management) for more experienced managers.


To enable top talent to reach their full potential, we have a two-year Leadership Challenge programme, as well as annual global leadership programmes. Programmes offer the opportunity to interact with the Chubb Executive Team, network across different areas of the business and develop your own unique leadership style.

"I joined Chubb two years ago and I have been lucky to have had more training at Chubb than at my former employer in over five years. I have a mentor who coached me every month and I am moving jobs in line with my ambitions. So there are opportunities and if you are clear enough in what you want you have a good chance of achieving it."


"My story at Chubb is a positive story and one I enjoy every day. Chubb has invested in my career in many different ways, first by giving me the opportunity to come to France from Canada. I started as a Directors and Officers Liability Underwriter and I went up the chain step by step. In 2005, Chubb gave me the opportunity to take management courses. I have also learnt a lot from the leaders. I think that one of the differences which have brought a lot to my career is the fact that the leaders at Chubb are very accessible and willing to share their own experience. This has inspired me and also helped me on a day-to-day basis.“


"The power of this company is in our people."

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Our People

We welcome people from all walks of life; we’re a global business, with a wide range of interests so our people define who we are.

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