The Journey Starts Here

We view recruitment as a two-way process. It’s an opportunity for you to discover whether Chubb is the place you want to be, and for us to see whether you’d be right for our business. Here are some of the stages you can expect to go through when applying for a role at Chubb.


The first thing is to find your ideal role by searching the available opportunities on this site. You can search by location, business area and/or keyword. Alternatively, you can send us a speculative application so that we can seek to match you to future opportunities as they arise.


It takes around 15 minutes to complete your profile and application form. We’ll send you an email to let you know when we’ve received yours.

Candidate Matching

Chubb EEA Resourcing Team will review your application, checking against the core competencies and specific skills for the role and the business. If your profile matches what we’re looking for, we will be in touch to discuss what’s next.


If you’re invited to attend an interview, you’ll speak to a relevant resourcing team member who will undertake an initial screen against core pre-requisites. You may then be selected to meet the hiring manager, who’ll tell you more about the role and responsibilities and make a further assessment of your fit to requirements. If you progress further in the process, you will have the opportunity to meet more people and get a clearer idea about the role, the team and the working environment.

How to Prepare

Interviews are a two-way process. Come prepared to ask about the scope of the role and expectations and deliverables and how things operate. A member of the Chubb EEA Resourcing Team will talk you through the selection process and what happens next. They’ll answer any questions you have about the day-to-day role and what would be expected from you.


Regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process, we will come back to you with a decision within 3 days of your final interview. If the decision is taken by Chubb not to hire, we will provide constructive feedback, against the core competencies assessed for the position.


If we feel you’re right for us and we’re right for you, we will first extend our intention to offer you verbally. We will follow this up with a full formal offer of employment in writing or electronically. You may have further questions at this point, which we will be glad to answer for you. If you’re happy with our offer and accept it, we will give you all the support you need to join us in your new role.


Once you have verbally accepted our job offer, we conduct an independent background check. The Chubb EEA Resourcing Team will talk to you more about this at the time.

Early Career Assessment

Candidates for our Early Career Development Programme go through additional selection stages, which include a one day Assessment Centre. This involves completing a range of exercises which are based on a typical day of a finance industry graduate, and designed to act as micro-simulations of the job. Learn more