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Chubb Wildfire Defense Services
In just a few easy steps, you can enroll in a service that can automatically monitor your area, provide you with alerts when a wildfire threatens, and provide personal firefighter assistance to help protect your home and property, if needed. Please complete all steps and look for the confirmation of enrollment notice to ensure the information you entered has been saved and that your eligible location has been enrolled in the service.

   Please provide your policy information.
The following information is required to help us identify your eligible property or properties.
Your Policy Number: Don't know where to locate this information? View a sample policy for instructions.

The Effective Date of This Policy:
    Are you a Chubb agent or broker? If so, you cannot enroll a customer or make changes to your customers' enrollment information unless you have limited power of attorney. To take action on behalf of your customer, please print the paper enrollment form, complete it and mail it to the address indicated, along with a copy of your limited power of attorney for that customer.