Chubb offers a wide range of insurance options to meet your critical commercial hospitality exposure needs. Insurance options reach from traditional property and casualty coverages to specialized solutions addressing risks that range from environmental, M&A, professional liabilities and more.


The insurance product HotelPLUS® consists of innovative and customized insurance coverage and is designed for the following customers:

  • Hotels
  • Medical clinics, hospitals, residential institutions
  • Schools/ Universities
  •  Restaurants
HotelPLUS provides the following modular selectable insurance coverings

Whether under a framework contract or by an individual contract, HotelPLUS offers a comprehensive coverage in Switzerland and abroad.

  • All Risks
  • Special Natural Perils
  • Machines and information technology risks
  • Inland Transit (Transportation risks)
  • Construction
  • Extended theft protection
  • Extended car insurance
  • Perishable goods
  • Earthquake insurance (in Switzerland and abroad)
  • Natural hazards (in Switzerland and abroad)
  • The risks referred (Fire, Natural Perils, Extended Coverage, Water, Glas breakage)
  • DIC/DIL for buildings and contents insurance policies placed on a compulsory basis with cantonal insurance institutions in Switzerland
Protect yourself even further with the extended Business Interruption Coverages
  • Interdependency losses
  • Contingent losses
  • Denial of Access
  • Power failure
  • Infectious diseases
  • Murder, Suicide
  • Cancellation costs by the policyholder
  • Cancellation costs due to bad weather
  • Food poisoning (internal factors)
  • Epidemics (external factors)
  • Loss of reputation / market share
  • Loss of attraction

To cover industrial liability risks we offer flexible, attractive and suitable insurance solutions. You can individually determine the range of the insurance coverage and limits. Our user-friendly questionnaire helps you to assess your needs and you will receive immediately a customized offer.

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