From network infrastructure to cloud services, your offerings change the way people and businesses connect. With each innovation, your business becomes more complex—and transforms your risk profile. Does your insurance carrier offer you the solutions to keep pace?

Chubb has insured the networking industry through its expansion and has the expertise to help you manage risk. Our enterprise-wide insurance products are supported by dedicated claim and risk engineering services.

Manage risks

Consider the following:

  • Could failure to meet earnings expectations, disagreement over an acquisition price, a cyber breach or some other event lead your shareholders to file a lawsuit?
  • If you fail to live up to performance commitments made via a contract for services, how will this impact your firm’s bottom line?
  • In times of peak traffic, your network could be strained if it was not designed to support unanticipated volume. How will it affect your customer obligations?
  • Could a cyber-attack on your network lead to the theft of personally identifiable information?
  • What if a trusted employee defrauded your company and you discovered losses totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars?
  • Your company faces many crime risks, from employee theft to computer fraud or funds transfer fraud.  How will your company deal with the financial loss?

Technology Industry Practice. Guide for brokers.

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