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As the world digitises, the frequency, severity and sophistication of cyber incidents are increasing along with the dependency on technology.

Cyber criminals have already demonstrated their ability to disrupt supply chains for businesses around the world and cripple critical infrastructure, as with the recent Colonial Pipeline attack that shut down the fuel supply serving the southeastern United States.

Meanwhile, the steadily increasing adoption of cyber insurance means that more companies have protection, but that aggregate cyber risk is expanding for the insurance industry.

Widespread events vs Limited impact.

Chubb’s approach helps ensure market stability and provide coverage clarity for our policyholders.

catastrophic cyber risks - a growing concern report cover

Catastrophic Cyber Risks - A Growing Concern

Chubb’s whitepaper examines several types of cyber events that, particularly in combination, have the potential to be catastrophic.

catastrophic cyber risks - a growing concern report cover

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps shut cyber criminals out

Enabling MFA can be one of the quickest and most impactful ways to protect user identities. Get expert advice to implement the MFA that best fits your company.

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