Insurance Solutions

Property Insurance

The range of services in the class of Property Insurance includes both traditional and innovative, personalised insurance concepts for property and business interruption insurance.

Insurance Coverages

- Property and Business Interruption Insurance

- Fire, Extended Coverage and All Risks Insurance as Stand-alone Policy and International Program

- Additional Coverages, e.g. for Natural Perils, Machinery Breakdown, EDP, Terrorism, etc.)

- HotelPlus

- Proportional and/or excess Coverages as Lead or Co-Insurer


- Terrorism as Stand-alone Policy and International Program

- Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion and Malicious Damage

- Insurrection, Revolution, Rebellion, Coup d’état and Mutiny

- Comprehensive Political Violence, including War and Civil War

Technical Lines

On a Co-Insurance Basis only:

- Erection All Risks

- Construction All Risks

Industry Samples

- Production plants

- Printing plants

- Hotels

- Real estate companies with a focus on industrial and commercial use

- Clinics and hospitals

- Mechanical engineering

Topic Special

Nowadays companies are faced with a variety of new risks – not least the growing risk of terror attacks and political violence, which is increasingly becoming a threat and challenge.

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