Insurance Solutions

Insurance Services for Customer and Credit Cards

The certain something for your cards

We have several years of experience in developing and implementing successful client solutions. By equipping your customer cards/credit cards with an optional payment function with intelligent insurance solutions, you can boost the success of your company.

Who is the insurance aimed at?

Companies that issue cards: credit cards, customer cards, bonus cards with or without a payment function

How does it work?

The insurance cover is activated when you pay with the card

Some Ideas


Accident while travelling abroad, luggage insurance


Fuel tank accident insurance, transport accident insurance, etc..


  • Insurance of acquired goods against damage, destruction, theft, etc.
  • Accidents on the way home after making a purchase

Card insurance for card payment functions

Payment protection insurance in the event of unemployment or incapacity to work through no fault of your own

Your benefits

  • Insurance cover is activated when you use the card
  • Higher card turnover thanks to integrated insurance solution
  • Improved client loyalty