Insurance Solutions

Business Class - safety on business trips

Comprehensive cover on business trips at home and abroad.

The safety of employees on business trips is your responsibility. Whether your employees are away for a quick external appointment or a several-day business trip abroad, you want to know that they are well protected. For that, you need a targeted insurance cover that guarantees comprehensive security. ACE Business Class provides a customized and efficient solution to mitigate risks of business trips.

With our multinational insurance programs and our global ACE network we are also able to offer world-wide travel insurance solutions that are adapted to the legal requirements of the countries of travel.

Insurance Coverage

  • Multinational Business Travel Insurance (Accident, Illness, Assistance, Crisis Management, Luggage, Compliance, Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Private Liability and K&R Assistance)
  • Multinational Personal Insurance Schemes
  • Customised complementary Accident Insurance
  • Residual Debt Insurance in the event of unemployment, Inability to work (Bill Protect)
  • Insurance Solutions for Loyalty/Credit Cards
  • Direct Marketing/Partner Programmes
  • Commuting Accident Insurance for Clinical Trial Volunteers


Chubb Business Class is concluded as a flat-rate policy for all employees. The costs are based on the number of travelers, the number of travel days per year, the travel destinations involved (EU or worldwide) as well as the benefits required.