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Below is a sampling of helpful risk management resources and best practices. Resources are available for clients, agents and brokers through Chubb's Risk Engineering team as well as our health, safety and environmental services offered by Chubb Global Risk Advisors.

Risk Management Resources for Businesses During COVID-19:

Ergonomic Resources
With the current workforce spending more time working remotely, Chubb has resources that may help your workers’ productivity and personal comfort during this time.

Business Continuity Planning
Business continuity planning is a cycle. It requires continual reviews, updates, and adjustments based on changes to your business operations.


Crisis Management
Crisis management is a dynamic process. Crisis management plans should be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect potential threats, revised authorities and accountabilities, changing resource demands, and stakeholder profiles. Learn more.


Property & Construction Management
Construction projects that need to be suspended for a prolonged period of time can create property damage exposure and pose a hazard to the public. In the event you close a construction site, we recommend you consider the following information in developing a plan specific to your circumstances. Access the Construction Project Shutdown Plan.


Ten Tips To Stay Cyber-Safe When Working Remotely
Whether for work or personal use, our reliance on technology has never been higher. As this reliance grows, so do the associated cyber risks. And when more people are working or studying from home, the potential for a cyber incident increases in different ways. Learn more.


Health Safety And Environmental Services

  • Protecting Workers. While there is no specific Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard covering COVID-19, some OSHA requirements may apply to prevent occupational exposure to COVID-19. Measures for protecting workers from exposure to, and infection with, the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, depend on the type of work being performed and the exposure risk, including potential for interaction with infectious people and contamination of the work environment. Our team can help you assess the exposure and compliance with the relevant OSHA standards.
  •  OSHA Recordkeeping Oversight. While OSHA Standard CFR 1904.5(b)(2)(viii) exempts recoding of the common cold and flu, it does not exempt COVID-19. Chubb Global Risk Advisors is tracking all alleged COVID-19 claims and carefully evaluating each claim on its merits. Claims where the infection is deemed to be work-related, as well as any work-related COVID-19 death or hospitalization must be reported to OSHA or an applicable state agency. Our experts can evaluate OSHA Logs and assess entries, work with adjusters / risk management team to resolve issues, calculate the specific lost time and restricted duty days, and update your OSHA Log as claims progress.
  • Environmental Decontamination. Environmental Decontamination Employers should evaluate whether work areas occupied by people suspected or known to have contracted the virus may have been contaminated, and thus should be decontaminated. Our team can assist with managing both the assessment and decontamination work, including helping to ensure worker safety during this process.
  • Business Continuity Planning/Mitigating the Impact of Business Interruption. Concern about the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and supply chains is leading some companies to re-evaluate their business continuity plans. CGRA’s team of business continuity specialists is available to help you assess your organization’s exposures and ability to mitigate the impact of a disruptive event through business continuity planning. Our services include plan design, plan testing, and plan evaluation.
  • Chubb Global Risk Advisors - Additional Information and Resources. For additional information or to speak to one or our team about your specific needs, please contact: or 866-357-3797 (toll-free).