Valuable Article Insurance

Wine Coverage

  • Protection against theft, fire, vandalism and breakage
  • Your choice of blanket or itemized coverage
  • No policy deductible

It can take a lifetime for you to build a collection of fine wines. For some, the years of searching the world's wineries for the finest vintages isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion. Your collection is unique, it deserves one-of-a-kind insurance. Protect your wine with Chubb’s Masterpiece® Valuable Articles policy.

Coverage Highlights

  • Agreed Value and Cash Option. Chubb pays the agreed value for itemized bottles whether the item is replaced or the settlement is taken in cash.
  • Vintner and Sommelier. Chubb’s Vintner coverage offers basic protection: theft, fire, vandalism and breakage. Chubb’s Sommelier coverage offers additional protection with the following coverages: extremes in temperature, humidity changes, vibration and light damage.
  • No Deductible. No deductible is applied to this coverage.
  • Appraisal Threshold. For your ease, Chubb only requires appraisals for bottles of wine over $10,000.
  • Blanket or Itemized. Chubb offers the choice while providing the same rate and coverage under both options (blanket coverage subject to a $5,000 per item limit).
  • Cost Effective Rating. This coverage ensures that scheduling wine is more affordable than combining wine under contents coverage. Chubb also has the ability to write monoline wine collections.
  • Breakage. This coverage is included for both Vintner and Sommelier packages.
  • Worldwide, Transit and Off-Site Storage. Chubb covers your wine anywhere in the world*. In addition, your wine is automatically covered while in transit to a new location or stored off-site (subject to limitation).
  • Label Coverage. Chubb covers any damage to the labels of wine: peeling, tearing, etc.
  • Wine Accessories. Also included in your coverage are climate control systems, racking systems, inventory systems and other accessories.

*Territorial restrictions may apply.