Policyholder Services

Identity Management

  • Your identity is your own. Let’s keep it that way.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in North America, and it's not just a financial problem. Strong emotions such as fear, anger, helplessness and frustration may overwhelm a victim of identity theft or lost identity. That’s why Chubb is proud to offer complimentary proactive services and identity theft resolution services to our homeowner and automobile policyholders.

Identity Management Service Highlights

If you suspect fraud, we can connect you to an experienced fraud specialist for personal assistance throughout the resolution process. Services provided include:

  • Systematic notification and assistance with filing a police report, creating a fraud victim affidavit and developing a comprehensive case file for investigative and claim-handling purposes
  • Assistance with all documentation and phone calls needed to resolve your case
  • Assistance for victims of wallet and purse theft, natural disasters or home fires that have lost personal identification or legal or financial documents
  • An additional year of active follow-up service to avoid recurrence
  • Policyholders can call 1-866-273-7935 to be connected with a fraud resolution specialist at CyberScout®

Helpful Tips

For articles and interviews on identity theft crime, alerts on the latest national scams and security breaches, and a wealth of identity theft prevention information, visit www.chubbidtheft.ca.

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