Policyholder Services

Home Inspections

Our experienced staff will work with you to help estimate the cost to rebuild your home before a loss occurs. We can offer security and fire prevention advice and identify safety measures in your home that could qualify you for premium credits.

  • Skilled Professionals. With backgrounds ranging from engineering, architectural design and construction, Chubb’s in-house staff of risk consultants are well versed in the various aspects of your new home.
  • Unique and Tailored Service. Our risk consultants take digital photographs and physical measurements to note the unique features of the home and to ensure an accurate replication. All factors, such as architects, interior designers, custom craftspeople, specialty suppliers, etc., are considered in your valuation so that there are no surprises at time of loss.
  • Loss Prevention. Chubb risk consultants offer recommendations to improve the safety of your home and family and reduce the likelihood of loss.
  • Replacement Cost Valuation. Our risk consultants liaise with a network of suppliers, builders, architects, engineers, and designers to determine the actual replacement cost of the home. This is a more accurate way to determine a home’s market value, which also depends on real estate market factors and other variables.
  • Elegant Inspections. All information gathered, including photographs, floor plan, and home features are bound in an easy-to read report.
  • Complimentary Service. Our complimentary risk inspection service is a value added reason why many Canadian customers and brokers choose Chubb.
  • Innovation. Chubb is constantly improving and enhancing the inspection process. Each risk consultant is equipped with a tablet that is linked with our systems, ensuring our accurate and efficient report.
  • The Chubb Reputation. With decades of experience insuring and inspecting new homes (over 55,000 worldwide annually and nearly 6,000 per year in Canada), we appreciate the complexity and care required in rebuilding custom, architecturally unique, and older homes.
  • Proof of Home and Peace of Mind. A risk consultant offers detailed proof of the characteristics of your home before a loss occurs. Also, Chubb risk consultants, versed in Chubb policies and products, take the responsibility to of making sure that you are well protected based on your individualized needs.