Personal Excess

Group Personal Excess Insurance

  • Coverage for employees and their family
  • Broad personal excess liability policy
  • Worldwide coverage

Wealth creates risk. Address it with group personal excess from Chubb.

Coverage Highlights

Employers can show how much they value their best employees, by helping them to protect their hard earned assets.
With Group Personal Excess as part of a benefits package, companies can offer their employees the advantage of a broad personal excess liability policy, with high limits, at preferred group rates.
A Group Personal Excess policy from Chubb is backed by our financial strength and world renowned claim service.

The unique features for Group Personal Excess Liability includes:

  • No annual aggregate. Limits apply to each individual group member on an occurrence basis.
  • Automatic coverage. For all who meet the criteria used to establish the defined group, coverage is automatic for any new partners or executive board members added during the policy year.
  • Ease of administration. One effective date, one premium payment, and hard copy master policy for the sponsoring organization.
  • Competitive Pricing. Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance is priced more competitively than when individual excess limits are purchased.
  • Unlimited Defence Costs. Costs are paid in addition to the limit of liability for any suit seeking covered damages that is either not covered by the underlying liability insurance or whose underlying insurance limits have been exhausted.
  • Loss of Earnings coverage up to $50,000, with no per–day limit, when a covered person is asked to participate in a court proceeding. 
  • Automatic liability coverage for Personal Injury, including Bodily Injury, and Property Damage. Coverage features include liability protection for non–compensated directors and officers of not–for–profit organizations, non–owned or rented automobiles and watercraft, and limited business pursuits.
  • $5 million uninsured/ underinsured motorist protection.
  • Worldwide automobile rental. Excess liability coverage affords you with automobile rental coverage, worldwide, for up to 60 days. You can rent a car on vacation – anywhere in the world – and have coverage for personal injury and property damage.