Valuable Article Insurance

Fine Art Insurance

  • Newly Acquired items
  • Ease of managing your collection
  • No policy deductible

Chubb is one of the largest insurers of art and antiques in the world. You can count on unparalleled service and expertise, and some of the broadest coverage available. We also simplify the process by offering some of the most flexible appraisal requirements in the business, as well as automatic coverage for newly acquired items. When you need custom-made protection for your collection, think Chubb Masterpiece® Valuable Articles for Fine Art.

Coverage Highlights

  • Values Guaranteed. By listing each fine art item with a specific value you know up front what Chubb will pay if a covered loss occurs.
  • Ease of Managing the Collection. Descriptions and values are not required for items under $50,000. You may simply select a “blanket” coverage amount to cover these smaller items.
  • Newly Acquired Items. Chubb covers newly acquired fine art that you may purchase while away from home. Coverage is for 25% of your itemized fine art schedule - for up to 90 days.
  • Appraisal Threshold. Chubb does not require professional appraisals on fine art items under $250,000.
  • Market Value Protection. For items that are replaced when lost or destroyed, Chubb will pay up to 150% of the item’s coverage amount if the market value just before the covered loss is greater than the coverage amount.
  • No Deductible. With a Valuable Articles policy, no deductible is applied at the time of the loss.
  • Choice of Settlements. When a loss occurs, you can choose to replace or repair, or exercise a cash settlement option.
  • Breakage Coverage. Chubb automatically includes breakage coverage for fragile articles with a Valuable Article policy.
  • Fine Art Capabilities. Chubb’s extensive experience with insuring valuable articles ensures that we can create customized solutions for you.
  • Fine Art on Loan or Consignment. Chubb provides coverage for fine art items on loan or consignment to you, for up to 7 days, and with up to 25% of your existing scheduled value for a maximum of $1,000,000 in value.