Home and Contents Insurance

Family Protection Insurance

  • Coverage for up to $50,000 for identity fraud
  • Coverage for expenses associated with personal disasters, like cyberbullying or stalking
  • Broad definition of a covered person

Home invasion. Carjacking. Stalking threats. Road rage. Cyberbullying. These unthinkable crimes can happen every day and personally affect you and your family.

Chubb's Masterpiece® Family Protection coverage helps cover expenses if you or a family member is a victim of these crimes almost anywhere in the world.

Coverage Highlights

Tailored solutions to help protect your family with Chubb Masterpiece®

  • Cyberbullying Coverage. If your customer and their family experience harassment or intimidation online leading to reputational injury, financial loss and emotional harm, Chubb's cyber bullying coverage can help them reclaim their lives. Your customer can recover costs for psychiatric services, rest and recuperation, lost salary for wrongful termination, temporary relocation, education related expenses, professional public relations and cyber security consultants.
  • Supplemental Identity Fraud Expenses. Chubb covers up to $50,000 for identity fraud and investigation expenses associated with resolving a fraudulently placed mortgage. These expenses supplement the identify fraud expenses listed within the Personal Liability section of the policy and pay for costs including land transfer taxes, bank fees, and the necessary forensic accounting and/or investigative work in order to rectify fraudulent home ownership transfers.
  • Identity Fraud Resolution. In the event your identity is stolen, resulting in a covered loss, Chubb will pay identity fraud mitigation costs to restore your accounts and credit standing with financial institutions, credit grantors and credit agencies.
  • Identity Fraud Monitoring. Chubb will pay monitoring fees to determine the effectiveness of fraud mitigation efforts and detect additional fraud activity.
  • Child Abduction Coverage. Family Protection complements the kidnap expense coverage within the Chubb Masterpiece® Personal Liability policy in the event there is a ransom demand for a child under thirteen. Chubb can offer expense coverage for costs resulting from the child abduction including those related to travel and phone costs; medical, dental and psychiatric fees.
  • Car Jacking Coverage. Chubb’s car jacking coverage applies to you, a family member or a covered relative who operates your vehicle. Chubb covers expenses related to bodily injury, trauma, lost wages, insurance deductibles, relocation expenses, security expenses for your home or vehicle and a reward to find the perpetrator.
  • Road Rage. Coverage includes expenses related to bodily injury, trauma, lost wages and your auto insurance deductible if your vehicle is damaged.
  • Covering the Unexpected. In the unfortunate event that a covered home invasion, child abduction, car jacking, hijacking, air rage or road rage leads to a loss of life or disabling injuries, Chubb can provide up to $250,000 per occurrence for covered individuals.
  • Home Invasion Coverage. If you, your family or guest is present during a home invasion, Chubb offers expense coverage to help defray the medical, psychiatric, home security, insurance deductible and a reward to find the person responsible.
  • Stalking Threat Coverage. With Family Protection, you have coverage for certain security measures you may take to protect yourself and your loved ones. Covered expenses include a professional security consultant, security guard services, security upgrades, temporary relocation and if necessary lost salary.
  • Home and Vehicle Modification Expenses. Chubb offers expense coverages if you or a family member suffer a permanent physical injury as a result of a carjacking, hijacking, child abduction, home invasion, air rage or road rage incident, and you need to improve accessibility and use of your residence or your vehicle.
  • Air Rage. Coverage includes expenses related to bodily injury, trauma, lost wages and trip delay or cancellation. Hijacking coverage is also included for the same expenses resulting from the hijacking of a commercial conveyance, such as an airliner, tour bus or ferryboat.
  • Broad definitions. Chubb’s definition of a covered person, which includes spouse, children, parents, grand-parents, siblings and descendants, is one of the broadest in the industry.