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Equipment Breakdown

  • Keep your home running smoothly with our Masterpiece Equipment Breakdown coverage.

You may take them for granted, but the systems in your home help keep your life running smoothly. In fact, you probably don’t often notice your home equipment until it stops working. And if it does, you’ll want to get back to normal—quickly. Our Masterpiece® Equipment Breakdown coverage can bring added peace of mind.

Masterpiece Equipment Breakdown Coverage Highlights

While Homeowner policies cover a wide array of perils, such as damage caused by a fire or a falling tree, they don’t cover some common types of problems that can occur to the equipment in your homethat’s where Equipment Breakdown coverage kicks in.

While Equipment Breakdown is not intended to cover “wear and tear” issues that occur on older equipment over time, it can provide coverage for sudden and accidental “out of the blue”  breakdowns, including:

  • A sudden surge from the local power plant damages multiple appliances. Estimated claim value: $23,000.
  • An air conditioning compressor seizes, but the replacement part is no longer available, so a new unit is required. Estimated claim value: $10,750.

It's your choice.

Our Equipment Breakdown coverage is available to Masterpiece Homeowners, Condominium, or Cooperative policyholders. It can be purchased separately for each of your homes, and coverage applies to all structures on the premises such as guesthouses or barns. It’s a simple, affordable way to protect your equipment investment.

You have choice and control when purchasing Masterpiece Equipment Breakdown coverage. You can choose the amount of coverage that makes the most sense for your household.

The coverage—let’s start with the basics.

Equipment breakdown covers breakdown of residential equipment that is permanently installed to service the home. This includes heating and cooling systems, appliances, water heaters, swimming pool equipment, well pumps, permanently-installed generators and transfer switches, and permanently-installed home automation and security systems. It also covers elevators, except for select components that may be underground.

Equipment breakdown coverage takes it the extra mile.

If you have a Masterpiece Contents policy, coverage is enhanced by extending it to residential equipment that is not permanently installed. This could include computers, portable humidifiers, small countertop appliances, and more.

Talk to your broker about adding Equipment Breakdown to your Masterpiece suite of coverages.


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