Scott K.

Scott has always relied on Chubb for a claims experience with as little stress and hassle as possible.

At every step, Scott found a partner in Chubb.

From helping Scott with immediate repairs to a treasured watch, to guiding him through remodeling and restoring his home after water damage, Scott has always experienced seamless and thorough care with Chubb.

Chubb’s commitment to responsiveness always ensured Scott experienced the service he needed as soon as possible. Chubb’s expertise also meant Scott had easy access to specialists and resources to make sure the details that mattered most were repaired and restored correctly. And when his kitchen suffered water damage, Chubb’s proactive approach to repairs gave Scott one less thing to worry about as he worked through challenges with building management and contractors.

Whether a small jewellery claim or an extensive kitchen remodeling, Chubb met expectations at every turn.

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  • Location

    Dallas, Texas

  • Claim incident

    May, 2016

  • Client since


  • Annual cost of water damage

    $2.5 billion per year in the US

  • Insurance agent

    Swingle Collins
    13760 Noel Road
    Suite 600
    Dallas, TX 75240-1381

Statement from Scott K. Chubb Client They gave me a tremendous amount of confidence, and I was very grateful for their timely response. End statement.

Within just a week of damaging his watch, Scott had a cheque in hand for the full amount of the repairs.

After Scott dropped and damaged his watch, Chubb responded quickly to ensure he had a smooth repair process. His Chubb adjuster let him know he was covered for full repairs – with no deductible. And as soon as a jeweller identified the issue and what needed to be done to fix the watch, Scott immediately received a cheque from Chubb for the full cost of the repair.

Though the watch was just a small repair, Chubb jumped quickly into action and gave Scott complete confidence throughout the process

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