Mike M.

When Mike’s classic car was badly damaged, Chubb went above and beyond to get him back on the road in no time.

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For Mike, cars have been his passion since childhood. He remembers driving around in his dad’s Studebaker Speedster and passing up high school dances to work on cars in his backyard. Some catch the bug early on – and that was certainly the case for Mike.

In 2016, Mike was going on his Tuesday rally with his recently acquired classic Fiat Dino. As soon as he got on the on-ramp, his front wheel fell off, curling under the front fender and badly damaging the fender and the door. This was Mike’s first time going for a drive in his classic car.

When he called his Chubb agent, Mike explained that the only way to get his Fiat back to perfect condition would be to repaint the entire car. His agent assured him that if that’s what needed to be done to make the car whole again, that’s what they would do. Before he knew it, his cherished Fiat was repainted in its entirety. He was back on the road, and his Fiat was back to being as beautiful as it had been before the accident.

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    Thousand Oaks, CA

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    August 2016

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  • Classic car sales at auctions

    In North America surpassed
    $1 Billion

Statement from Mike M. Chubb ClientIt’s not just a job to them – they’re enthusiasts just like I am.End statement.

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