Kirtley C.

When Kirtley and her family lost their home in a fire, Chubb committed to making their lives easier every step of the way.

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Chubb allows you to focus on what matters.

Kirtley’s family had just left for a trip when they learned that a significant fire had broken out in their recently renovated home. After being on the phone with her for most of the night, Kirtley's Chubb agent was waiting in the driveway ready to help when they returned home the next day.

Within 24 hours, their Chubb adjuster arrived and wrote a cheque on the spot, so the family could buy new clothes and reserve rooms at a nearby hotel. Shortly after, Chubb helped them find a comfortable rental home close to school and work. And as they rebuilt, Chubb worked to restore their home's historic charm, while keeping the process as painless as possible.

Because Chubb was a partner, Kirtley and her family were able to resume their lives during a difficult time.

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  • Location

    Bedford, NY

  • Claim incident

    July, 2014

  • Chubb client since


  • Annual cost of property loss due to fires

    $10 billion per year in the US

  • Insurance agent

    Lloyd Bedford Cox
    P.O. Box 476
    Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Statement from Kirtley C. Chubb ClientHaving confidence and trust in Chubb to handle everything else allowed us to really focus on the kids.End statement.

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