Ed K.

For 15 years, Chubb has taken the worry and hassle out of insurance for Ed and his family.

With Chubb, you can always rely on a stress-free, seamless experience

For 15 years, Ed and his family have relied on Chubb and agent Sonia Walker to keep them protected and whole. Whether in response to an unexpected house flood before the holidays, or a sudden fender bender, Chubb has exceeded Ed’s expectations at every turn, making each experience seamless and effortless.

From quick work during a water leak before the holidays to guiding Ed and his family through the restoration process so they could focus on what mattered, Ed has always been impressed by Chubb’s integrity and unparalleled service.

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  • Location:

    Sacramento, CA

  • Claim incident:

    November 2016

  • Client since:


  • Annual cost of water damage:

    2.5 billion per year in the US

  • Insurance agent:

    Hub International Services
    3 Embarcadero Center #460
    San Francisco, CA 94111

Statement from Ed K. Chubb Client Chubb is honest, has incredible integrity, and I trust them. End statement.

Even as water poured down from the ceiling in his home, Ed knew Chubb would be the solution to an unexpected disaster.

One early morning in November, Ed and his wife came downstairs to find a flooded entryway, with their ceiling caving in and water continuing to flood down their walls. Ed quickly reached out to his agent and Chubb, who immediately sent a restoration team to his home. Within hours, they’d begun the recovery process, stopping the water leaking from the roof, removing ruined drywall, and preventing further damage and the spread of mold.

Despite the unexpected disaster, Ed’s life didn’t miss a beat. Chubb guided Ed and his family throughout the restoration process as Chubb took care of each detail, ensuring their home was exactly as it was before the flooding.

And three weeks after his home’s renovation was finished, when Ed discovered his front door had begun to warp from the water damage, Chubb stepped in again, replacing his front door without question. From start to finish, Chubb was committed to making Ed’s experience effortless.

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Statement from Ed K. Chubb Client They exceed my expectations in every single case. End statement.

Chubb ensured a fender bender was as stress-free as possible for Ed and his wife.

One April morning, Ed’s wife had come to a complete stop at a traffic light, when a driver suddenly plowed into her car from behind. Thankful no one was injured, Ed contacted Chubb to begin the repair process.

As Ed took the car to the dealership for repairs, Chubb quickly arranged for a rental car. And when Ed arrived to pick up the rental car, Chubb surprised him with a rental that matched the quality of his own car. What’s more, because the driver at fault was uninsured, Chubb waived Ed’s deductible.

Throughout the process, Chubb was focused on one goal: removing all the worry and hassle from the experience, so the unexpected wouldn’t get in the way of Ed’s work or life.

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