Carol W.

Carol was devastated after major water leaks damaged the home of her dreams. But, Chubb was there to make her whole again.

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For Carol, being a Chubb client for 18 years has been exceptional.

In January 2014, Carol completed a major renovation of her Chicago home. The renovation was a labour of love, and she was thrilled with the results. Unfortunately, below-zero temperatures and heavy rain followed soon after, and Carol found water pouring out of her bedroom walls and down from her hallway ceiling.

Carol was devastated to see her perfect home destroyed. That’s when Chubb sprang into action.

Working with Carol’s agent, Rebecca Woan, Chubb sent an engineer to assess the home’s structural integrity, and worked quickly on water remediation. Knowing the time and energy Carol spent during the renovation on the special details too, Chubb replaced her new hardwood floors and re-plastered and re-painted her walls.

Carol credits Chubb’s compassion and support for helping her tackle another renovation, and bringing her, and her home, back to life.

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  • Location

    Chicago, IL

  • Claim incident

    January 2014

  • Client since


  • Annual cost of water damage

    2.5 billion per year in the US

  • Insurance agent

    Chartwell Insurance Services
    211 West Wacker Drive
    Chicago, IL 60606

Statement from Carol W. Chubb ClientI feel privileged to be a client of Chubb. I feel secure. I’m happy to be a member of the Chubb family. I don’t know what you’d do if you didn’t have a company like Chubb.End statement.

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