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4 ways to protect your Valentine’s Day jewellery purchase

For many Valentine’s Day shoppers, jewellery is the go-to gift. But, if you’re like many and wait until the last minute (10% of people wait until February 13th), you’ll want to make sure you’re not skipping key steps in choosing and protecting that important purchase.

  1. Ask the right questions

    Before committing to a big-ticket jewellery purchase, do your due diligence. Get a certificate of authenticity, especially if buying online. And, make sure you can return it, in case your gift wasn’t exactly what he or she had in mind.

  2. Don’t show it off

    Many jewellery designers have well-known brands, that are easily recognizable by their packaging. To reduce the likelihood that you’ll be the target of theft, put your jewellery purchase in another, less conspicuous, bag before you leave the store.

  3. Find a safe storage place

    Store your jewellery in an off-site safety deposit box or permanently mounted combination lock safe when it’s not being worn. That way, you’ll know where it is, and it’ll be protected in the event of a burglary.

  4. Verify your insurance coverage

    Your homeowner’s insurance may not fully cover an expensive jewellery purchase. To provide peace of mind, consider purchasing a valuable articles policy that provides all-risk protection, as well as automatic coverage for newly acquired pieces.

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