Report a Claim

Need to file an A&H claim? You've come to the right place.

If ACE INA, ACE INA Life, Chubb Insurance Company of Canada, or Chubb Life has written your Accident and Health policy, please use the following contact information to file a claim.




Toll Free




If you are reporting a claim via telephone or email, we appreciate your patience in providing us with the following information during this stressful time:

  • Your contact information – your full name, phone number, and email
  • Policy number
  • If this is a Group policy through an employer, please provide Company Name, and employee ID
  • If this is an Affinity product please provide the Certificate Number
  • What type of claim is being filed, e.g. Disability/Critical Illness/etc.
  • The incident date (surgery/accident/diagnosis/death)
  • The incident location
  • A brief description of the incident
  • If this claim notice is for someone other than yourself, please provide their name