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Crisis Hotline - Get Help with Urgent Matters

When you experience a cyber incident that you feel is an urgent matter, you can contact the Crisis Hotline or Your message will be routed immediately to Chubb’s Claims Service Center. An individual from the Service Center will put you in touch with an Incident Response Coach, a pre-approved law firm that is adept in handling cyber matters. The Incident Response Coach will assist in: i) investigating the legitimacy and impact of the event; ii) managing the legalities and regulatory communications if sensitive and protected information has been compromised; and iii) engaging the services of other Incident Response Team members.


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Cyber Incident - Claims Process

Upon experiencing a cyber incident, you can contact your broker or provide notice to Chubb by sending an email to You will then be assigned to a Chubb cyber claims specialist for initial analysis and triage of the incident. If warranted, the specialist can assist you in engaging one of our Cyber Incident Response Coaches. The Chubb cyber claims specialist will assist you as you navigate through this process, including answering questions on what specific incident response services may be required and helping you to engage various service providers within the Cyber Incident Response Team, if necessary.


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