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Chubb Canada Claims, delivering the Chubb promise.

When you are a Chubb customer, you are purchasing a promise – Chubb’s promise to fulfill our end of the insurance agreement and provide you with claims service that is world class.

Safety First

In the event of loss or damage to your property, you should report the claim immediately. But first, it's important to take steps to protect your property from additional damage. Below are some tips to help you do this. Keep in mind, after a covered loss, we will reimburse any reasonable expenses you may incur while trying to protect your property from further covered damage.

Once you are safe and have called first responders, here are a few things you can do to mitigate further damage:

  • Shut off the water after a plumbing leak
  • Secure your home after a burglary
  • Call the police after a theft
  • Call the fire department
  • Move or protect property to prevent further damage

Check your Chubb policy for additional details and speak to your claim examiner once you file your claim.

Get Started: Filing Your Claim

The first step to recovering your loss is to file a claim. For the best reporting option, please click on our "report a claim" section

What's Next? Information Gathering

Once you submit a claim, you will be assigned your own dedicated Claim Adjustor or Examiner who will make every effort to contact you.. The more information we have about your loss, the better able we will be to ensure that you receive the maximum available coverage. Although we process thousands of claims every year, we treat each client the way we would want to be treated, with the same individualized care and attention.

Assessing the Damage: The Estimate

Your Claim Adjustor or Examiner may provide an estimate for repair to your covered damages or you may be asked to obtain an estimate from a local contractor of your choosing. If an onsite inspection is needed, we will work with you to coordinate a time that is convenient for all. If you need assistance in getting an estimate, we can arrange for a contractor from our Preferred Vendor Network. We will make sure that we discuss and review estimates with you. If, at any time, you have questions, concerns and/or there are changes to the initial scope of work, we will ensure that you are fairly compensated and that you are satisfied with your settlement.

Our Preferred Vendor Network: Starting Your Repairs

If you have water or fire damage to your property, we are pleased to arrange for a preferred vendor to attend your premises to assess the damage and conduct some preliminary maintenance before the repairs begin. We will pay these vendors directly, so you won't have to incur any out-of-pocket costs. Once any immediate or ongoing damage is under control, it's time to begin the repair process. Depending on what you're more comfortable with, you may use your own contractor or find one from our preferred network. The choice is always yours and will not affect your claim or settlement in any way. If you're not sure which way to go, we have highlighted some of the benefits of using our Preferred Vendor Network below.

Benefits of Using Our Preferred Vendor Network

  • Delivers added value and guidance throughout the entire claims process
  • Offers the convenience of having a single contractor from mitigation through repairs
  • Provides a vetted and insured resource that is actively managed for safety, quality assurance, credentials, capabilities and training
  • Includes a 3-year workmanship warranty
  • Affords 24/7 access for certain types of services, including drying and dehumidification for water damage; deodorization, soot removal and reconstruction for fire damage; testing, remediation and abatement for mold issues, disaster recovery and business continuity after a catastrophe; and additional services, such as consulting, large-scale cleaning and building inspection.
  • Provides national access to more than 500 full-service providers, and growing

A Return to Normalcy: Settlement and Resolution

From small value losses to catastrophic events, property claims can put a strain on resources and significantly impact an organization’s or family’s day-to-day operations and life. At Chubb Canada, our aim is to expedite the claims handling experience so that your business can get back to normal as soon as possible. If it's determined that the damage to your property makes it uninhabitable or you have extensive damage to your belongings due to your covered loss, we will provide a payment cheque in advance to cover temporary living expenses, clothing and other immediate needs the very next day. The time it takes to process a claim is dependent upon a number of factors, including how quickly we receive documentation, whether an inspection is needed to fully assess damages or if any outstanding coverage questions require an additional investigation. In every instance, our goal is to provide you with prompt, efficient and accurate claim handling. Once an agreed settlement is reached, we make every effort to issue your claim payment within 48 hours. Because after all, we know we're not just restoring properties and possessions, we're restoring people's lives.