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Our ability to deliver outstanding business results rests on the caliber of our talent and the efforts of our employees – at all levels of the organization. All our employees, located within each region globally, have the opportunity to be part of the company’s success. As a company, we invest in our people and strive to meet employees’ career aspirations.  

At Chubb, management and leadership are an honor and a privilege that come with special responsibilities.  We expect our managers and leaders to devote time, attention and apply their wisdom to develop the people on their teams. We set the expectation that managers will balance the demands of the business with their responsibility to develop the talent on their team. This initially takes the form of providing clear goals, frank and honest performance feedback, recognizing individual contributions and strengths, and constructively addressing areas for development by providing instruction and guidance. 

Effective managers know their people–what motivates them, what they aspire to, what they are good at, and what they are challenged by. We expect managers to be respectful, inclusive, and find opportunities to support the professional development of all our employees. This can happen on-the-job, through personal interaction and involvement, and through exposure to others, as well as via on-line or classroom learning.  A core element of Chubb’s value proposition to employees is the opportunity to constantly evolve as a professional, reach one’s potential and develop one’s craft. 

At Chubb, we help those who are motivated to develop and grow.  We provide the critical experiences, resources, tools and opportunities for employees to succeed. Our geographical, product and distribution diversification provides unprecedented opportunity for those who want to take advantage of the multitude of career path options. We expect our employees to own and drive their development by availing themselves of the structured and unstructured learning we offer. In turn, Chubb makes the commitment to provide a robust technical and leadership development environment and to internal sourcing of talent to fill open positions where appropriate.  Through these efforts, our approach to talent management is practical, relevant and enduring. 

Fran O'Brien
Division President of North American Personal Risk Services at Chubb

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"I came to Chubb right out of college. Over the years, our company has given me incredible opportunities to further build my career through dedicated programs and professional experiences. I’m now proud to be an advocate for this kind of development for others. I have a mantra with my team that says ‘there is no waiting room – we’re always in action.’ I think this applies to careers too.“