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Chubb Charity Challenge History

On a beautiful October day in 1996, Chubb's Murray Hill office hosted the first Chubb Charity Challenge for twenty-five producers at New Jersey's Metedeconk Golf Club.

Local New Jersey charities received $25,000 in donations from the event. The producers had a wonderful time and again supported a New Jersey Charity Challenge in 1997 and again in 1998.

It was thought that combining an event for Chubb's brokers and their chosen charities would benefit Chubb, the producers and the community. The thankful letters from numerous charities that benefited from unexpected donations coupled with the producers' enthusiastic support of what Chubb was trying to do was proof that the idea was sound.

In 1999, Chubb's Northern Zone decided to expand on the original Challenge concept. Ten branches held local qualifying events that had foursomes from at least five producers as participants. The winning foursome from each branch was then invited to attend the Zone's "Tournament of Champions" at Whistling Straits Golf Club in Kohler, Wisconsin. Those ten teams played for a total purse of $50,000.

The 2000 to 2014 Challenges exceeded everyone's expectations - The events together consisted of more than 6,000 teams from the U.S. and Canada and collectively raised nearly $13,000,000 for various charities. Many fine charities benefited from these tournaments and producers and clients alike continue to comment on our effort to reinvest in the communities we work in.