Global Casualty

Canada Casualty Products

In addition to their primary casualty programs, multinational companiesmay require customized products including, captive solutions, excess workers compensation and other sophisticated options.

Major Accounts

Offering large companies a range of sophisticated coverages and structuring options when financing and managing risk.

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Transportation Industry Segment

Primary casualty coverages and structures designed to protect your transportation operations.

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Traditional Energy Solutions for Large Accounts

Find specialized casualty products geared toward your energy-related risks.

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Captive Strategies

Dedicated, experienced specialists can provide flexible and creative fronting solutions to support your specific risk financing needs.

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Global Casualty offers a range of customized primary casualty insurance products for a variety of global businesses including companies like yours. You may deal with the significant costs of managing financing risks but Global Casualty will offer you a range of customized primary casualty insurance products.